~ Transitions


So sorry I didn't get this posted last week. Life has been racing by! Facebook asks the status question: "What have you been up to?"Well, the simple answer is "moving". Moving from Denmark to Colorado, and moving my mother into assisted living, up in South Dakota. I really do hate moving. I would much rather be playing... ie, painting.  Yesterday evening I was in awe as the moon was coming up. Since 1982 we've lived at sea level; here at 7000-ft. elevation I don't think I'd ever seen such a huge, bright, beautiful moon! I went out and snapped a few pictures. Later in the evening I was watching TV and a meteor literally distracted my eye from the TV toward outside! I was amazed to see the huge fireball moving down behind the mountains near our home. I looked to see if there was an explosion in the distance as the meteor hit the earth, then realized that I'm still alive so I guess that didn't happen! Then a friend texted me to be sure to stay up for the lunar eclipse. Not to miss out on the grand finale of an already incredible show, I set my alarm and was outside, with probably the majority of western hemisphere people, taking in the blood moon. I snapped a few pictures, but we'll see much more professional photos. So I sat down and took it in, with awe and wonder. "When I consider the moon and the stars... who am I?" a shepherd named David once wrote. And the answer, astonishingly, was and is we're loved and honored by the one who made us. The night sky makes me feel so small. Yet I am beloved. Cool!


Moon, etc.

Find some time to paint the moon photos the way you see them in your mind. And paint the mountains surrounding you. The mountains are so lovely and vast that they do make us realise how small we are in this beautiful world. This is one reason I love going to Montner when we have the opportunity... There is no place closer to paradise than in these mountains! 

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