~ The Last Workshop

The Last Workshop

December 2, 2013. Sad, happy, sweet, fulfilled, content, and just a bit nostalgic. Today was the final event in our Copenhagen home on the beuatiful Tuborg Harbor, and isn't it fitting that it would be a workshop with my beautiful watercolor ladies!

Liina joined us today for the very first time; this was her FIRST watercolor experience, and she did such a truly beautiful painting. It touched our hearts as she told her story: as a young girl growing up in Estonia her art teacher told her that she'd never be able to paint. So she believed him and quit. What an impact our words make on the minds and spirits of young children. Bravo to my friend for putting those deflating words aside today and saying "I can do this!" 


Over the years here there have been about ten women who have participated, and then as expats do, most have moved on. I think they've grown in leaps and bounds as artists, and each one of our paintings today was beautiful in its own right. So it made me a bit sad to cut them up into pieces. I did it from the backside, because I didn't want to look! I numbered each of the six pieces, and then we repieced our paintings so that each of us ended up with a painting that included two pieces for each lady. And incredibly, the whole was greater than the sum of the parts! The pieced-together paintings were so much more interesting and satisfying than any one of our individual works. And that made me wax a bit philosophical... isn't this true of friendship. Two are always better than one, and three... even better!



Last Workshop

Wonderful pictures and memories of this last gracious hospitality in your Copenhagen home. I love the idea of combinging each person's work. They did turn out very interesting and beautiful. I am praying for this time of transition. Love, Linda 

Thank you

Thanks so much, Linda. I think you would have delighted in this whole day, and wish you could have been here to share it! I thought these paintings would be a wonderful momento, as we would each be able to have something with one another's art in one painting, but I didn't expect it would turn out as great as it did!


I love the paintings individually, but the collages are breathtaking!  What a wonderful idea.  Enjoy your last days in Copenhagen! 

I agree

I agree, Lael... as do the rest of the women who participated. Definitely will have to do this project again!

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