~ I'm Asking...?

I'm Asking...?

Most people I know have pretty pictures on their walls. Some even have art on their walls; original pieces that tell stories and evoke thought and emotion. I receive a lot of encouraging remarks about my art from friends. And I've even sold some art to people who were willing to give me the ultimate compliment: that of buying my art. And let me tell you, I hang onto every word and gesture of encouragement. Thank you so very much, if you have been one of those friends! But to be honest, I very rarely actually sell a piece. So, I’m asking the question, and hoping for some honest answers. Why don’t people buy original art? And if you’re one of those who hasn’t, what have been the obstacles?  I have a feeling the answer is going to be “it’s too expensive”. I totally appreciate that, if it’s an honest concern. Speaking for this artist, I would like to work with you so you can afford the joy of having your own original. For the pragmatic, consider this: If you purchase an original painting for $300, and you enjoy seeing that painting on your wall for the next 10 years (most likely it will be much longer), that enjoyment will cost you about 8 cents a day. (Okay, you’ve fallen in love with a framed painting that’s $800. Still, that’s only 22 cents a day!) I have a studio full of art of all sizes, all with reasonable price tags, because I want it to be available. I’ve been asked many times if I show in a gallery, and so far the answer has been “No, because they’ll double the price, and I want art to be financially accessible.” I put prices on my work because it’s important to honor the time and talent of the worker (that would be me!). Okay, I’m embarrassed to admit this, but this is my struggle: the wind really left my sails and hasn’t returned since I had a gallery show a few months back and sold one little (I mean bitty!) painting. I was thankful …really thankful!… for that one sale and the precious little boy whose daddy bought it for him, but with all the work that went into the preparations for that show, I guess I really thought the rewards would be greater. Am I wrong? I’ve come to a motivational crisis that is yet unresolved. Is the making of art solely for my own soul? Is it simply to be an expression of the thought and spirit within me? Or is it to be shared and appreciated by others? In an ideal world, the answer would be “Yes” and “Yes”. The truth is, I create because that’s who I am; I’m an artist to the core. It gives me life. But I don’t want to die with a basement full of art that’s never seen the light of day - that’s never been enjoyed by others. That matters to me. I'm asking my own questions these days - lots of them. Why do I paint? In what direction will I take it? How can the art I make be the greatest blessing to others? Unresolved questions aside… if you’ve seen something you like, whether it be mine or someone else’s, please encourage that artist. And if you can afford to purchase, please take time to think that this is something you might actually be able to do. And if the price is out of your range, make an offer; ask the artist if he/she could work with you. Speaking for one artist, I would love for my art to be “out there”… being enjoyed and appreciated.


 I often wonder some of the

 I often wonder some of the same things. I think I grew up in a family that didn't spend money on art of any kind. We shopped garage sales to decorate our walls. My Mom would repaint pictures, leaving the picture the same but would paint different colors on the picture so it would fit into our house. For example, one time she picked up a brown swirl painting and turned it into a green/blue swirl.When I grew up, I worked in an advertising department directly with artists, and I always planned to have original art in my house someday. The truth of the matter is that when I was raising my kids, we simply didn't have the money. I had blank walls except for an occasional photos that I took and decided to frame. Now that is not the case, but I have only managed to buy three numbered prints and I value each one, but two of them are in the basement because I am not very good at interior decorating and I have no idea where to hang them. I guess I got used to blank walls. I feel a little bad that I haven't purchased any original art. Maybe someday has arrived...Your art is beautiful! I hate to hear the discouraged tone in your blog. Please feel encouraged. I love the sutle tones of beauty, love and human kindness that radiate from your paintings.I am a musician and I get frustrated in some of the same ways. What I know for sure, is that somehow the hours of practice matter and although I have no idea how it will fit into this world. This world needs art,  beauty, and music! This world needs your art! 

"Beauty will save the world"

Dear Reader (I don't know who you are unless you indicate it),Thanks so much for taking the time to reply, and for the great words of encouragement. I am drinking it in. You are so right in your last statement, that the world definitely needs art, beauty and music! So much in our world is dehumanizing; I think we all need to commit to ourselves that we will refill our tanks with all that keeps us human: kindness, beauty, truth, forgiveness, goodness. These are the things that will save us!


I've come to realize that art and beauty are not just adornments in my life, they are necessities!  The pieces that I have are almost all originals and they have been gifts or bought from people that I know (in order to support their process and heart) as well as pieces that speak to my heart.  Many times, a piece will catch my eye but until I know the ARTIST's story behind the piece and how it connects with my own story, I'm not inclined to purchase.  Once I know that, then I have purchased.  I also purchase at places or events that have meaning to me-like if I would visit somewhere, i would purchase a piece of local art to remind me of my visit.  This recent post that you posted-the "stained glass piece"  I would TOTALLY buy in a heart beat if I had wall space and money.  Why?  Because I personally LOVE the artist; because the subject speaks to the passion of my heart; and because the expression of the subject is unique and something that I could not have conceived.I wonder if you would do well at outdoor markets and kind of touristy places.  What about the local "Jitters" or "Snow City Cafe?"  I would bet that pieces from your Southwest Road trip would sell at places like these in the Springs.Your art is part of your identity-who you are...a window for beauty! 

Dear Reader (I don't know who

Dear Reader (I don't know who you are unless you have indicated),Thank you ever so much. It sounds like we're Alaskan friends. I've actually kept my eyes open for local watering holes here that display art, and surprisingly, I've just now at last found one (only one!) - a winery in a small town north of here. And she has asked me to begin preparing some pieces to show there, but has also warned me that the art never sells. I'm coming to grips with the reality that this is Colorado, not Alaska, and not Europe. But as I replied to the previous comment, I do believe that whether people realize it or not, they NEED ART. We all need it; we need beauty - in the visual arts, in music, in poetry, and in nature... we need to be reminded of what it means to be human.I love your description of how you choose the pieces you will buy. This has been my philosophy as well. Throughout our home I have pieces... mainly from other artists that I've wanted to encourage. Pieces that I love because they tell a story to my heart, or they connect me more deeply with the person who created them. Art brings such JOY! -Sylvia

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